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Advanced Amazon Repricing

Unlimited Listings

Advanced Amazon Repricing

$100 Per Month

Unlimited Listings

Advanced Amazon Repricing


Sellagy Amazon Repricing

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A new approach to repricing.



Continuous monitoring and repricing.



Manually set the exact percentage to compete.


Flat Fee

One monthly fee per Amazon account.


On Guard

Alerts when prices hit the floor/ceiling.


Easy Setup

Auto syncs with Amazon to get your listings, stock & quantity.


Bulk Import

File transfer for large volume merchants.


Unlimited Support

A real person to help with setup and operation.


Unlimited Listings

All the listings you want from a single Amazon account.


Unlimited Users

All the people on your team for one fee.

Start the 14-day free trial.

An affordable and practical solution for managing Amazon product listing prices.
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How It Works.

See how easy it is to get advanced intelligent repricing for your Amazon products.

#1 - Open an Account

Open a 14-day free trial account and the system will gather your Amazon product, stock and price information.

#2 - Configure Repricing

Set up minimum and maximum prices, and assign one of the included pricing strategies.

#3 - Start Repricing

Flip the switch to activate repricing and the rest happens automatically.

Get in touch and discover how Sellagy can improve your bottom line.
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Sellagy’s Strategy:

We wanted to provide a really advanced and automated repricing tool for Amazon product listings, but without the high cost of available options. Long months of research and years of experience with a team of merchants and programmers brought us to the point where we can offer the software to others while we continue to refine and expand the features.

Flat Price

$100 per month per Amazon account with unlimited listings, users, and repricing. We’re shaking up the marketplace by repricing the tool that manages Amazon repricing.


Unlimited Support

When you are working and need help we want to be there for you. During business hours you get a real person who has intimate knowledge of the system and Amazon’s platform to guide you through rough spots or just making the most of your account.

Total Control

No limit on the number of listings or pricing cycles means you get more control, over more prices, more of the time. We want to help optimize pricing for more sales and more profits.



You can set the highest and lowest prices for your products, then choose pricing strategies. We supply some popular rules that you can use as they are, or edit to get different results. you can even compose completely new pricing rules for your listings.



The system automatically alerts you to situations that need attention and opportunities for increased sales and profits. Get a message when products hit price limits or other conditions you want to watch.


You need powerful tools for achieving your business goals. We built a set of advanced and flexible tools that allow you to get started easily and gradually master the art of repricing your products for maximum reward.

Get started now.

Get the revolutionary power of Amazon repricing with Sellagy.
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